Il Ristorante

The Menu

Located a few kilometers from the sea, our menu offers crustaceans and fresh fish of any species, depending on what the catch of the day offers and, alternatively, also meat dishes.

Bigoli con acciughe del Cantabrico - pane raffermo e stracciatella


” Sea acquarium”

( scampi, red shrimp, sea bass carpaccio, tuna tartare, amberjack and shrimp with citrus fruits and chocolate shavings )

 Marinated raw scampi

 Trio of “tartare” : tuna, amberjack and shrimp


Spider crab

“Sea acquarium” 

(scampi, red shrimp, sea bass carpaccio, tuna tartare,amberjack and shrimp with citrus fruits and chocolate shavings ) 

“Catalan” Crustaceans (minimum for 2 persons)

Prawn burger with caramalised Tropea onion and lime mayonnaise

Thyme-scented octopus on potatoand pistachio mousse

Gratinated scallops and baby scallops 


“Parma” ham with crunchy vegetables 

 *some product subjected to pre-cleaning treatment by means of freezing treatment as prescribed by current                    legislation.


“Risotto” with scampi and seasonal vegetables

(min. 2 persons)

“Bigoli”(pasta) with Cantabrian anchovies stale bread and “stracciatella”

Fish soup

Paccheri (pasta) ( amberjack, taggiasche olives and pistachios powder)      

Gragnano pettegole pasta with truffle and scallops

Linguine pasta with mantis shrimps and cherry tomatoes


Tagliatelle pasta with bolognese sauce


Local brill with baked vegetables and potatoes

( minimum 2 persons )

Grilled shellfish and molluscs with crunchy vegetables  

(sea ​​shrimps, prawns, sea cicadas and local squid)

Grilled Scampi (sea shrimps)   

Sliced blanch tuna on a tropical salad bed

Grilled local squid 

Mixed fried fisch and crispy vegetables 


Fine cut of beef on a “vegetable bed”

Some products could be frozen if out of season


Chef’s Sicilian Cassata

Millefeuille with strawberries and chantilly cream    

Classic house tiramisu              

Chocolate cake with warm heart and vanilla ice cream       

ICE CREAM             

with “Bronte” pistacchio                                  

With Gianduia and “sanded hazelnuts” 

Strawberry sorbet                     

Pear and cinnamon sorbet

Liquorice sorbet