Il Ristorante

The Menu

Located a few kilometers from the sea, our menu offers crustaceans and fresh fish of any species, depending on what the catch of the day offers and, alternatively, also meat dishes.



Raw fantasy

Shrimp tartare with orange and chocolate

Marinated prawns

Tartare of tuna and sea yellowtail

“Fine Claire” oysters



Cannocchie, octopus salad, sardine in saor,
prawns, prawns, scallops and crab

“Catalana” of shellfish (minimum order for 2 people)

Shrimp burger with Tropea onion
caramelized and lime mayonnaise

Sardines in saor

Scallops and canestrelli au gratin


Raw “Parma” with crunchy vegetables


Cuttlefish ink tagliolini with sea bass, toasted almonds
and mullet bottarga

Marinara-style half paccheri from Gragnano

Riccioli di Gragnano with lemon
with Sicilian red shrimp

Risotto with scampi and seasonal vegetables
(minimum 2 people)

Linguine with sea cicadas


Tagliatelle with duck sauce

Paccheri from Gragnano
with cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives


“Local Soaso” with baked potatoes and vegetables (minimum 2 people)

Grilled octopus flavored with thyme
on potato and pistachio mousse

Monkfish with grilled vegetables

Tuna steak
on a bed of tropical salad

Grilled shellfish and molluscs with crunchy vegetables
(scampi, prawns, sea cicadas and local squid)

Grilled scampi

Mixed fried fish with vegetables

Sea bass in salt (minimum 2 people)


Sliced ​​beef on a “bed of vegetables”


Salted caramel ice cream and toffee


Creamy with Bronte pistachio

Malaga cup
with prosecco and crumble jelly

Strawberry sorbet with lemon drops

Tropical pineapple sorbet

Classic tiramisu of the Treviso tradition

Puff pastry with mascarpone cream and strawberries